Put to the test: The 2024 Polestar 2 leaves a more impactful initial impression

Polestar’s entry-level EV has become significantly more attractive due to several significant alterations.

As of 12/1/23, this review now includes test data for the single-motor Polestar 2.

Polestar is refuting the notion that they’re doing a routine mid-cycle refresh for the Polestar 2 electric hatchback. Instead, they’ve been consistently updating the model since its launch, with each year bringing new variants or enhancements to its power and range. The 2024 model year sees the most significant upgrade yet, making the Polestar 2 an even more attractive option for those looking to join the electric revolution with a stylish and cutting-edge vehicle.

Enhancements Abound: Inside and Out

The 2 looks a bit different now, due to a brand new “SmartZone”—the part of the frontal fascia that houses many of its forward-facing sensors and camera specialists. When coated white, it appears like a singular, comically broad tooth.

HIGHS: Welcome power bump, longer explained array, faster charging.

The tire offerings have modified too; both solitary- and also dual-motor foundation variations right now come basic along with 19-inch tires and Michelin all-season tires. The Performance slick upgrades to 20-inchers along with Continental SportContact 6 summer months rubber, yet people hunting for a center can easily change out the minimal trimmings’ 19s for extra 20s with Continental PremiumContact 6 summer tires.

The single-motor access model—currently priced at $51,300, a $1500 bump over 2023—picks up the most noteworthy corrections. A brand new power motor right now powers the back wheels as opposed to the frontal ones. Outcome increases greatly to 295 horse power (up from 228 equines) and also 361 pound-feet of torque (versus 243).

Driving the Single-Motor Polestar 2

It just takes a solitary stab at the best pedal to discover the difference. The RWD Polestar 2’s accelerator application makes it simple to start effortlessly, along with pick-up, which has substantially improved over last year’s style. Sixty miles per hour right now arrives in a lively 5.5 seconds, a big jump from the FWD model’s 6.8 seconds. At the quarter-mile mark, the RWD Polestar 2’s 14.2-second, 97-mph pass favorably routs the old FWD version’s 15.3-second, 93-mph operation. Passing at highway velocities is actually less complicated too; the added electrical power trims the 50-to-70-mph opportunity from 3.8 to 3.2 seconds, yet still requires some provision. In nearly any kind of daily-driving circumstance, the newly found strength is much more than enough.

The passive dampers perform an extensive task on edges, making it possible to be a little healthy without feeling wishy-washy. The freshly conventional all-season tires don’t throw considerably sound into the equation; however, they have an additional advantage, as the previously typical summer season tires weren’t specifically ideal for keeping quiet or making the best use of assortment. Nevertheless, given the same tires, sideways grip does not alter. When our company examined the front-drive Polestar 2 on Michelin Primacy All Seasons, our experts took care of 0.88 g on our 300-foot skidpad, the exact same figure we expressed for the rear-drive model on that rubber. On that same footing, log cabin noise at 70 mph remains the same at 69 decibels.

A new 79.0-kWh lithium-ion electric battery from CATL bumps the EPA-estimated variation from 270 kilometers to approximately 320 while likewise increasing the peak DC fast-charging cost from 155 to 205 kilowatts. During our 75-mph real-world array examination, our team simply managed 250 kilometers, unlike EPA estimations. That being said, this brand new battery still outperformed its own ancestor by 30 miles.

LOWS: Tested freeway array fails; readjusting the rear restraints is actually a dealer duty; no tax motivation if obtained.

The dual-motor Polestar 2 as well as the Performance alternative stick to a 75.0-kWh lithium-ion LG Chem electric battery. Selection increases for the dual-motor as well, though; because of a newfound capacity to turn electrical power off as well as decouple the main motor under certain disorders, EPA-estimated selection is up from 260 miles to 276 miles (the exception is actually the Performance, down from 260 to 247 miles). DC fast-charging stays at 155 kilowatts for dual-motor models, as well as Level 2 indicting on all Polestar 2 designs, which is actually pegged at 11.0 kilowatts.

Steering the Dual-Motor Polestar 2

Dual-motor styles–$56,700 for the foundation, $64,400 for the Performance– grab some powertrain advantages as well. They combine the RWD model’s new simultaneous motor with a brand new induction front electric motor, bumping hp to 416 on the bottom vehicle as well as, oddly sufficient, decreasing it a little to 449 on the Performance. Twist cheers a meaty 546 pound-feet for each trimmings. By Polestar’s estimations, the Performance’s 60-mph opportunity is actually 0.1 second quicker than before (4.1 few seconds versus 4.2). Our test of a 2023 style made a 3.9-second sprint, so it’ll be interesting to observe whether the 2024 version improves on that.

Our dual-motor time was actually restricted to the Performance variation, which was actually fine through us. The twist treatment much more than counterbalances the negligible horsepower decrease; this Polestar 2 thinks just like zippy as the old one. The Öhlins restraints at each section are actually extremely solid in their manufacturing plant setting, yet like previously, they could be changed, and also since adjusting the rears is instead complicated, proprietors get a totally free yearly revocation correction via their dealer. When the going obtains curved, the 2’s chairs don’t hug as well as our experts ‘d just like; a little bit of additional lateral bolstering will go a long way. The fairly gentle attribute of the regenerative stopping permits you put simply a bit additional weight on the nose without distressing midcorner balance, producing a light uptick in powerful amusement.

For all Polestar 2 styles, guiding body weight is actually changeable, and the stiffer setting incorporates a little bit of man-made heft, yet our experts favored it in its own typical configuration. One-pedal driving is possible along with the greatest cultural braking environment, however it still could stand up to be a bit a lot more aggressive.

The cabin is actually mostly the exact same all over the sequence, with a too-tall center passage that causes moderate claustrophobia and also a general lack of storage. The Google-based infotainment body is as user-friendly as ever; it is difficult to gripe when Google Maps is the conventional onboard navigation app.

Polestar 2: New Options Packaging
Polestar likewise adjusted its alternative product packaging. Single-motor designs can easily pick up the $2000 Pilot bundle that adds adaptive voyage command, pivoting LED smog lights, and the Pilot Assist collection of energetic and passive chauffeur help—this exact same kit is typical on dual-motor Polestar 2s. The Plus bundle utilized to be $4200 yet is actually now $2200, as it bestows both drivetrain formats with a heatpump, a Harman/Kardon stereo, a panoramic glass roof covering, home heating for the backsides and also a guiding wheel, a power liftgate, as well as extra The Performance kit now instantly includes both the Plus and Pilot bundles, along with the slick 20-inch tires, Öhlins restraints, gold seat belts, and extra.

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