Tried and proven: The 2024 Porsche Cayenne improves the SUV formula.

The most athletic options, the Cayenne S and the Turbo GT, have been enhanced for an even more delectable experience this year.

Despite some preliminary resistance when the Cayenne debuted twenty years ago, it has become one of one of the most essential automobiles in Porsche’s lineup, accounting for concerning 30 percent of its worldwide sales. The present third-generation Cayenne has actually remained in production since the 2019 model year and gets a prompt refresh for 2024.

HIGHS: Scalding speed, stout carbon-ceramic brakes, Porsche-like steering.

This isn’t your common facelift, however. It’s a substantial upgrade over the previous year, stopping short of a new generation because it shares a lot of the very same framework and accident structure. The 2024 Cayenne sporting activities a face-lift, with a reworked front fascia with larger air consumptions, restyled fronts lights, more noticeable fenders, and a subtle hood lump. The backside additionally obtains a makeover, with new taillights and a tailgate that makes it look wider than previously.

On the within, a brand-new 12.6-inch bent electronic tool display screen debuts alongside the PCM 6.0 infotainment system and its 12.3-inch touchscreen. The previous gear-selector bar has actually been replaced by a smaller sized toggle found in various other Porsches and relocated to the dashboard. That maximizes some space on the facility console for more storage and a new climate-control panel. The Cayenne additionally offers a 10.9-inch touchscreen for the front guest, comparable to that located in the Taycan.

The Cayenne schedule has been downsized drastically from nine trim degrees to 4. The base 348-hp Cayenne starts at $80,850, while the 468-hp Cayenne S will certainly set you back one more $16,500. On top of the variety is the 650-hp Turbo GT that flirts annoyingly with a $200,000 rate. It’s just readily available in the coupe body design and is now special to the united state market. Slotting over the base version is the plug-in turbo V-6 Cayenne E-Hybrid with 463 horses at $93,350. A completely electrical Cayenne is due in a few years and will certainly overlap with the internal-combustion designs.

Driving the Cayenne Turbo GT

We had the chance to let loose the Cayenne Turbo GT on several of our favorite roads in Southern The golden state to see exactly how the modifications affect this sportiest of utility vehicles. The Turbo GT certainly deserves its placement as the spiciest of Cayennes. If it had a Scoville score, it ‘d conveniently resemble its six-figure prices. Velocity to 60 miles per hour precisely matched the outrageous 2.8 seconds we videotaped in a ’22 model, and the quarter-mile passed in 11.2 seconds at 121 mph. When you pin the pedal to the floor, you’re met with one of the most marvelous V-8 engine growls this side of a Jaguar F-type, a complete 79 decibels’ well worth.

Off the line, the Turbo GT stumbles for just a brief minute as it battles to maintain the sticky Pirelli tires from failing and prepares for the next equipment, yet it is however impressive and chuckle causing. The standard carbon-ceramic brakes are up to the job of slowing this 4994-pound SUV. It quits from 70 mph in just 150 feet, and the firm pedal includes more assurance.

LOWS: Roadway noise, edgy adventure in the S, Turbo GT’s nosebleed rates.

Easing into a turn, the Cayenne’s steering is properly Porsche-like with its precision and effort. The typical adaptive air springs and lightweight carbon roofing keep the Turbo GT from really feeling top-heavy as it tracks via the curves with just a hint of body roll. Midcorner bumps can create the back tires to step out of line for a moment, but the Cayenne reclaims hold and composure before you can respond. On the skidpad, we measured 1.02 g’s of cornering hold.

Just as outstanding as its cornering expertise is the Turbo GT’s comfy adventure. Call the drive mode back to Typical, and the suspension relaxes its clenching tautness for the type of smoothness required for longer trips. The prominent roadway noise will certainly include a little long-distance tiredness back, though.

Cayenne S Drive

We likewise drove the Cayenne S on the very same roads, and the distinctions were telling yet not remarkable. The big information for this midrange design is the return of the V-8 engine in place of the previous V-6, bringing with it an additional 34 steeds. But you will not find the Turbo GT’s staged snarl in the S, which instead has a somewhat boring sound that could be mistaken for the six-cylinder.

The Cayenne S additionally includes a much more traditional adaptive suspension that doesn’t have the series of convenience or efficiency from which the Turbo GT benefits. It’s even more nervous and anxious over rough sidewalk and not as sturdily cleared up in lengthy sweeping curves. The air suspension is readily available as a $2390 option, nevertheless, and we highly suggest it for both the Cayenne S and base design, whether you’re looking for handling efficiency. Even with this addition, the Cayenne S costs half as high as the Turbo GT.

Obviously, performance is just part of the Cayenne equation. It’s still a luxury SUV, and its interior conveniently fulfills assumptions. While we could do with less piano black on the facility console, the cabin is covered in costs products, and there’s a sturdy heft behind every one of them. Besides the abovementioned roadway noise, the inside is lacking creaks, squeals, and excessive wind noise.

Moving the gear selector to the dash also allows for a cordless billing pad that’s well put under the dash and is an excellent pairing with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Vehicle. You likewise obtain a bigger storage space pocket and cupholders. The brand-new climate-control panel fortunately maintains some physical toggle switches for distraction-free changes. Secondary controls are capacitive touch switches that require looking away from the roadway to make use of.

We’re not convinced the optional guest touchscreen deserves the $1490 price, however there is a particular cool variable, nonetheless. It allows the front passenger to appreciate their own streaming amusement, control a number of automobile features, and play co-pilot with navigation, although the facility touchscreen is just a brief reach away. The display screen’s polarized filter makes it show up to the motorist as simply a black plastic dash component to eliminate diversion. Our primary problem with this display screen is the chance of triggering motion sickness for more sensitive passengers.

JUDGMENT: Porsche’s sportiest SUVs obtain sportier.

Entirely, the adjustments make the 2024 Porsche Cayenne much more desirable than before. For the vehicle driver that seeks even more performance than the base Cayenne already delivers, the Cayenne S makes certain to raise your heart price. We ‘d suggest optioning the air-spring suspension for a broader spread of both convenience and handling. As glorious as the Turbo GT is, its really nearly $200,000 cost appears extreme. But if we had the type of bank equilibrium that could take in such a hit, you ‘d better believe we would certainly go all out.

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